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Making Movies is HARD!!!

Aug 17, 2020

This week Liz and Alrik welcome back returning guest, professional script reader Reed Shusterman to talk about making his first feature film Blood Born which he shot back in November of 2019, before the world ended. Reed talks about how he came up with the story for the film and how he ‘wrote what he knew’ and his process of getting the film shot day to day. We also have a special interview with Jon Synder who talks to us about all things COVID-19 safety on set. Jon just finished working as a lead COVID-19 Monitor on a big budget Netflix film and he gave us the low down on how COVID is monitored on a large scale.

Lastly we have a segment with filmmaker, mentor and actor Cady McClain who is our player of the week about mentoring and what that actually means.

Where to Find Reed, Cady and Jon!

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Jon Synder on IMDB

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John Hopkins Contact Tracing Course

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